HR and payroll service

  • Maintenance of personal files according to labour rules,
  • Keeping records of due holidays, sick leaves and other absence,
  • Preparing of employment agreements,
  • Preparing of employment confirmations,
  • Payroll administration, civil agreements, administration
  • Maintenance of personal salary files,
  • Payroll tax calculation,
  • Payroll tax declarations (PIT 4R),
  • Social security calculation and related social security declarations,
  • Information on time about taxes and social security amounts and terms to pay.

Price 55 zł net monthly per person

What is HR and payroll service ?

Payroll and HR administration is an area of activity within a company or a service provided by external firms, aiming to effectively manage personnel and payroll matters. Within this area, various aspects related to employees are addressed, both in terms of hiring and salary processing.

The main components of payroll and HR administration include:


  • Recording employees’ personal data.
  • Managing documentation related to employment, such as employment contracts, consent forms for personal data processing, etc.
  • Handling processes related to hiring, termination, promotions, and delegations.


  • Preparing payroll lists.
  • Calculating social security and health insurance contributions.
  • Processing deductions, such as taxes or contributions to various funds.
  • Preparing tax declarations related to salaries.

Social Security Settlements (ZUS – Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych):

  • Managing settlements related to employees’ social insurance.
  • Submitting declarations and payments to ZUS.

Employee Documentation:

  • Storing employee documentation in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Providing employees with information regarding their payroll and HR situation.

Tax Settlements:

  • Preparing tax declarations related to employee compensation.

Outsourcing payroll and HR administration is a commonly used solution, especially by smaller companies that do not want or do not have the resources to handle these processes independently. Companies specializing in payroll and HR services offer comprehensive support in these areas.

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