Revenue and expenses tax ledger

  • Entering invoices and other accounting documents in tax ledger,
  • Verification of documents according to tax law,
  • Personal income tax calculation,
  • Preparing and delivery of social security declarations (ZUS),
  • VAT tax calculations, preparing of VAT tax registers and tax declarations VAT-7, VAT-EU, unified control file,
  • Information on time about taxes and social security amounts and terms to pay.

Price from 250 zł net monthly

What is Revenue and expenses tax ledger ?

The Cash Book is one of the simpler forms of accounting employed by entrepreneurs, especially micro-businesses. It is a type of simplified accounting used to record and document the income and costs of a company for the purpose of determining the taxable base.

In this book, the entrepreneur records their revenues and costs associated with conducting business activities. Revenues include all monetary inflows and valuable considerations, while costs refer to expenditures related to generating revenue. The Cash Book allows for the determination of the financial result of the company, i.e., the difference between revenues and costs.

In contrast to full accounting, the Cash Book is more concise and does not require a detailed analysis of each financial transaction. It is often a preferred solution for smaller businesses that are not obligated to use full accounting.

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