Tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs

  • Entering invoices and other accounting documents in evidence,
  • Verification of documents according to tax law,
  • PIT-28 calculation,
  • Preparing and delivery of social security declarations (ZUS),
  • VAT tax calculations, preparing of VAT tax registers and tax declarations VAT-7, VAT-EU, unified control file,
  • Information on time about taxes and social security amounts and terms to pay.

Price from 200 zł net monthly

What is Tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs ?

The flat-rate tax is a simplified form of taxation applied in Poland by certain groups of entrepreneurs. It is an alternative method of income tax settlement characterized by determining the tax liability based on a specified flat rate applied to revenue.

The main features of the flat-rate tax include:


  • Entrepreneurs pay tax on revenue rather than profit, simplifying the settlement process.
  • The number of mandatory accounting documents is limited.

Flat Rates:

  • Flat rates are established for various business activities.
  • They may cover different aspects of business, such as revenue, square meters of premises, the number of employed persons, etc.

No Requirement for Full Accounting:

  • Entrepreneurs using the flat-rate tax are not obligated to maintain full accounting but must keep appropriate records.

Limitations and Conditions:

  • The flat-rate tax is available to specific groups of entrepreneurs, such as micro-entrepreneurs or farmers.
  • There are revenue limits that cannot be exceeded to qualify for this type of taxation.

The flat-rate tax is attractive for smaller businesses that value the simplicity of settlements and want to avoid more complex tax procedures associated with full accounting.

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